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viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

I bought a new washing machine and a refrigerator, so, I'm kind of "rayúa" cleaning and moping and washing and cooking...let's see if it endures...(I don't think so, but let's hope.)
Here in Barranquilla, we called "rayúa" or "rayúo" to that person who is doing things or acting funny just because you have something new, like when you get your first car and the first month your cleaning and dusting off its carpets. After a month passed, the entire car looks like a dirty ashtray, and smells like beer and dirty socks. You know what I mean?

jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Onix Nails for a busy mother...what you think?

Yesterday, I painted my nails in black. First time. I'm a mother so this colors seemed like too young for me, or too agressive for me, or too something.
I decided to try them and see if they look good on me.
This is kind of the result I get, and I have to mention that it wasn't easy.
You know that if you are a mother, everything you do for yourself has to be done in the middle of the night, like...when everybody is sleeping. If you try this in anormal regular time of the day, everyone is going to need you to do something just when your nails are still wet, or you are halfway to finish the other hand. It is funny now, but lastnight I was like: "Why Lord, Why meeeee!!!!" hehe.
Sorry for the lighting in the photo. pretty bad huh?
I know.
I think it is because I was in the bathroom trying to hold the camera with something orange over me to make the black look was my "inner frustrated professional photographer" trying to make her best, hehehe.

Is it just me, of this happens to you too?
Like, there's no time to dedicate to yourself and with the kid, and the husband, and the house, and the work there's no space, nor room for you?

I have a list of priorities, and I'm not there.
Church is there, Food is there, or my job, or the house cleaning eternal cycle, but not me, nothing about me at all.
The last photo was taken in a place with the appropriate light...
Here's the result.
What you guys think?